Muscle Building Program


Are you “skinny fat?”.  On the thin side but no muscle mass?
Do you want to look toned? Build more muscle?
Then  Muscle Building Program is for you! Designed for the gym and for those that have experience with a bit of weight lifting.  This workout will take your workout up a notch! Each workout will take you approximately 40-45 minutes total. For the plan to be fully executed you are encouraged to train either 3 days on one day off or 6 days on one day off. If you can’t get to the gym on a particular day you will simply continue where you left off.
There is no time limit when you can not benefit any longer from this workout.  Use it over and over again, trying to increase the weight on the exercises each time you enter the gym. This is one of my favorite workouts that has given me superb results! Instructions and tips included in the plan.