There are a few ways to cook Spaghetti Squash – but the easiest that I found is to take this baby to the oven on a cookie sheet and bake for an hour at 375.baked-spaghetti-squash-garlic-butter-4564
Once it’s cooled,  cut it lengthwise and scoop the seeds out with a large spoon.
Then use your fork and scrape away. Texture should be firm and not mushy. 
baked-spaghetti-squash-garlic-butter-4575And thats it! Top it with whatever you like!  Veggies, meat sauce, grilled chicken with spinach and sun dried tomatoes, grilled shrimp with mushrooms, whatever! Get creative!  

You could also microwave the sucker for a few minutes, slice in half and roast cut-side-down on a cookie sheet  for 30 minutes.

OR — you could just microwave the ENTIRE thing.  Pierce it, microwave for about 7 minutes, cool to slice it lengthwise, put it back in microwave for about 10 minutes and then scrape.

I’d love to hear what you come up with!